International eSports Conference

cb890b3c795708ba57466ff812c761ec2008 the “International eSports Conference” already for the fifth time. It is the world’s most important conference for eSport and gaming community. The “International eSports Conference” consists of three pillars conference, business contacts, and networking. In lectures and workshops, the main topics of the international eSports market are presented and discussed future developments. The focus of the conference aims to make eSports as a sports discipline more tangible, economic impulses through the presentation of current developments to where and to provide an outlook on future technical standards. Continue the dialogue between participants of different countries should be promoted. The “International eSports Conference” brings together leading international experts from industry, media, sports, community and politics, so this year in Cologne more than 250 participants and 30 speakers from Germany and abroad are expected.

Call for Papers ends on 28.03.
The “Call for Papers” for the “International eSports Conference” will be in the next few days at 28.03. terminated. “There are up to now a number of very interesting and superb lectures filed,” said Frank Sliwka the organizer Global Games Media, “so that it can be said that we are reliving a conference with a high-quality and exciting program this year already.

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